Book Review – How to Stay Positive and Productive In Your War Against Corona

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Book Review – The Backdrop

A special note of gratitude to all my readers, especially those who posted a book review on Amazon and provided encouraging and constructive feedback. The book “How to Stay Positive and Productive In Your War Against Corona” is rated at 4.8 on Amazon.

This book was written to check the surge of negativity and pessimism associated with the coronavirus pandemic. It goes one step further and explores how we can make this Covid-19 lockdown an opportunity of a lifetime. It is much more than a quarantine survival guide – in fact, it is an Opportunity guide.

Book Review – The Video

However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the 4.8 rating on Amazon after 4 weeks of release bears testimony to the same. Watch this video to see what the readers have been saying about the book.

About the Book

This book intends to bring about a paradigm shift in the way individuals are approaching these tough times of Covid-19 lockdown, quarantine and social distancing and isolation.

Instead of focusing on avoiding negativity, can we turn the tables around and focus on doing things that make us happy, while still being productive? Can we leverage the Survival Guide to convert a threat to an opportunity?

The disease is impacting millions of people directly. However,  the cascading social and emotional impact of the lockdown, quarantine and social distancing is already afflicting billions of people on our planet.

It is high time that we motivate ourselves to take charge of our own lives and focus on things that are controllable in our hands, rather than on corona or Covid-19.

The book helps you do precisely that through several practical tips to deal with the lockdown and quarantine. It provides actionable advice, replete with examples, on things to do during the coronavirus lockdown.

In the words of one of the readers, “the book focuses more on the act of creation than consumption”.  It not only covers the high level picture but also the granular details to make it highly effective. Indeed, now is the time to act. Hope this book helps you unlock the puzzle by taking control of your locked down life in your hands!

Did You Know?

The author wrote an article on this website and the update on LinkedIn was trending for #workfromhome. The response to the article inspired the author to significantly expand the contents and publish this book. A subsequent post on LinkedIn thanking the readers for their feedback was trending for #gratitude!

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