About Rajiv Maheshwari

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Rajiv’s Background

I have over 25 years of management and consulting experience across industries. I have worked as CEO for a decade, and in leadership roles with NYSE listed companies such as Accenture and WNS.

Rajiv Maheshwari - Profile - Business and Startup Advisor

I have delivered significant business benefits and played an instrumental role in helping various organizations scale and grow over my corporate career.

Apart from delivering stellar results, many of my initiatives and efforts have been recognized on the global stage. This includes awards for Innovation across Asia Pacific from Financial Times and an international award from Zoho.

I am an MBA from IIM Bangalore, where I was a part of the Director’s Merit List and a Chartered Accountant. I believe that learning is a life long process, and I have lived this belief by acquiring skills in new domains, even at a CEO level. I am passionate about learning and have actively groomed and inspired several professionals to upgrade their skills.

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Rajiv’s Roles – Donning multiple hats

I play multiple roles, straddling across various engagement models, ranging from one to one business and startup advisory services, to enabling a mass movement through the platform, From The Experts’ Mouth.

I am an independent business and startup advisor and leverage my multi-disciplinary exposure and deep business experience to help entrepreneurs and aspirational startups manage and grow their organizations.

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I like to describe myself as an autodidact, i.e. a self taught person. This approach is evident in my approach to educating others, where I encourage the learners to introspect and explore, so that they can define success and find the keys to it in their own unique way.

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I am an active thought leader, distilling my experiences for the benefit of others as a keynote speaker and author. I regularly share my views on a range of professional and personal subjects at various industry events and am a prolific writer. I am extending my repertoire as an author beyond published articles, with my first book, ‘How to stay positive and productive’.

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Enabler and Entrepreneur

I am helping institutionalize learning through shared experiences and insights at FromTheExpertsMouth.com – a platform that empowers people from over 160 countries to realize their innate potential, enabling them to lead a prosperous, happy and fulfilling life. We are creating an ecosystem that aims to democratize learning and change the narrative around content creation and consumption.

Impact Areas

I have deep experience and deliver results in each of the above roles in the following impact areas:

Business Management

I help entrepreneurs and business executives connect the dots across all key functional areas, and stitch them all together from a CEO’s perspective. My curiosity has ensured that I have hands-on functional experience across most of the key business functions, and this makes my advice implementation oriented, thereby delivering results.


I have been through the grind, and moved up over a dozen layers in the corporate hierarchy, in just over a decade, to rise to the CEO level. I share my insights that I have gained from my experiences, to plug the gaps between academia and industry, so that you can accelerate and navigate your career trajectory.

Technology and Digital

I am a recognized innovator and my initiatives in the fields of AI / ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) and Citizen Development have been recognized at various prestigious international platforms, such as Financial Times. I have distilled my knowledge into several frameworks and mental models, to help your Digital Transformation journey.

Personal Development

I strongly believe that professional and personal development need to go hand in hand and I have inspired and helped team members develop in various leadership roles. The new world order requires a drastic shift in mindset, attitudes and skills and I love helping the masses through this transition.

Videos and Articles

Here are some of my videos. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more insights on business, careers, technology and learning across many other domains.

Here are a few of my articles that have been published at From The Experts Mouth

Here are some of my recent articles published on this website, and you can read more in the Blogs section.

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