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The Journey of an Entrepreneur

All businesses and entrepreneurs aspire to move to the next level of their growth trajectory, or achieve that something extra, in order to achieve their purpose. However, unlike large corporations that have the benefit of experienced executives and Board members, and the purse strings to hire top consultants, the journey of an entrepreneur is often a rather lonely one.

While the focus of the mainstream media appears to be around funding, as if it is the be all and end all of the journey of a business, there is much more to an entrepreneurial journey, than meets the eye, at least if you are listening to the media.

The Unmet Needs of Business

It takes a conversation with an entrepreneur to know the real needs of their business. Of course, these needs may vary dramatically depending on a variety of factors, including their industry segment, composition of founders and overall team, financial position, market presence, product market fit, etc.

For instance, an aspiring entrepreneur may be juggling a full time job with a side hustle and wants to establish proof of concept, before jumping ships. The founder of a seed stage venture with awesome technical knowhow and a great idea, may be finding it tough because of the lack of commercial acumen in the founding team or the organization. A well balanced founding team may still struggle, with the fundraising activities having taken up too much of their bandwidth. And, after having hustled through all these stages, a venture with adequate funding may find it difficult to scale, as their assumptions start giving way as they start growing.

The Solution – Sound Business Management

It is not just the feeling of overwhelm that is common to all the above, and many more such scenarios. The solution in each of these scenarios also has a common thread – available of required expertise of people who have managed and run business organizations successfully. The cost of trial and error is very high in the competitive and cut throat world of business.

Consequently, apart from the energy, passion and know-how of the entrepreneur, the business also needs inputs from people who have the experience of putting in place systems, processes, teams and technology that are aligned with their strategy and purpose. This will ensure that they can continue to run hassle free operations, irrespective of the scale. Once, the idea and product market fit are established, it is often a question of execution, and the skill set, mindset and guiding force required to execute is very different from the image conjured by the fabled garage stories of Silicon Valley.

Rajiv Maheshwari – Business and Startup Advisor

I bring together over a couple of decades of experience, across both advisory and execution roles, and have put together an industry-first value proposition to help you manage and grow your business or startup. In my capacity as business and startup advisor, I will help you anticipate and address the most pressing problems of your business organization, of today and tomorrow.

I have been fortunate (and curious) enough to have acquired hands-on work experience across almost all aspects of the business, and my contributions in most areas have left an indelible mark and delivered results to the business. My initiatives have been recognized for innovation across multiple functional areas, such as Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Technology, Data and Analytics, including AI/ML/NLP (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing). Most importantly, I am able to connect the dots across all these functional areas and weave them together, in order to navigate the business using appropriate business review and governance frameworks.

The Advisory Engagement Model

Such expertise is rare, and is typically confined to either traditional organizations, or to well funded startups, at Series C stage and beyond. However, I have devised a unique engagement model, where I put my skin in the game, and craft a win-win value proposition, whereby you can benefit from my expertise without burning the bank. The needs of each business are unique and the terms of engagement will be crafted after an initial conversation and a diagnostic assessment, in order to ensure that we are able to together unleash the potential of your business venture.

Senior executives in the industry do not typically offer their expertise on such attractive terms, and I am doing this as a gesture to support and encourage entrepreneurs and business owners. However, you probably already know that this offer is too good to be true, let alone to last for too long.

So, if you find this compelling and want to manage and grow your business the right way, take action right now, before this offer goes away.

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