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Everyone is a Thought Leader

It was not too long ago that becoming a self proclaimed thought leader and expert, was a cringe-worthy thought, at least in my eyes. Hence, allow me the liberty to meander through the preamble to this section of my website!

As I have traversed the journey of life, I have looked up to, and learnt either implicitly or explicitly, from a lot of people. Some of these have been global authorities, and the entire world looks up to them, and such thought leaders are always present in the lives of a lot of people, including mine.

On the other hand, there are influences by other people, who have more experience in the field in which I am interested in that moment. In my life, these thought leaders have varied, depending on the subjects that I have typically been interested in. I have learnt a lot by reading and listening to thought leaders, across various aspects of society, business and technology. Contrary to popular perception, these ‘thought leaders’ in my life are not necessarily the typical grey haired academicians, or industry leaders, or subject matter experts. I have learnt from anybody, who is even a couple of steps ahead of me, in the field in which I intend to enrich myself.

Sharing my thoughts

On this rather philosophical note, I would like to humbly offer to share my knowledge, experiences and insights, with people across various disciplines. While there will always be people who are far more proficient in each one of these fields, there surely will be many more who would benefit from this knowledge sharing.

Consequently, I have been actively sharing my thoughts over the years, and even if I am not the authority on the subject matter, I have assured that the knowledge and experiences that I share are rooted in authenticity, and largely stem from my own experiences or observations, or as Isaac Newton famously said, by ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’.

Rajiv Maheshwari – Author, Speaker and More

This approach has resonated very well with people over the years, and I have been encouraged to share my thoughts as an author, speaker and have even gone a step ahead, by encouraging others to share their knowledge, and providing a platform for them to do so.


I share my views on a wide variety of topics, on both personal and professional fronts. Professionally, I like to share my experiences across various business functions. In light of my experience as CEO for over a decade, I am able to weave together threads across various aspects of business, and bring it all together for the readers. My writing style tends to be first person and conversational, and it draws upon my authentic experiences. At the same time, I do not like to impose my views on people, or be prescriptive in my communication. Instead, I love to take the readers on a thought journey, encouraging them to find their own answers, which certainly can, and will, be different from my own perspective.

How to Stay Positive and Productive - Book by Rajiv Maheshwari

You may also want to check out my inaugural book, How to Stay Positive and Productive.

The First Edition (March 2020)

The first edition was released in March 2020, within a few days of the announcement of the first lockdown. The focus of the original edition was squarely on helping the readers navigate the turbulent times during the lockdown and the pandemic.

Revised Edition (November 2022)

A significantly enhanced Revised Edition has been released in November 2022, which helps readers put things in perspective for the new post pandemic world order.


Check out the articles on a wide spectrum of topics in the Blog section.


In a similar vein, my speaking stems from my experience, and I design my speeches to provoke and inspire the audience to think on their own. Having spent a fair bit of time in management consulting, I love to put things into structures and frameworks, and you will find this in my speeches. I love connecting with, and speaking to audiences of all shapes and sizes and across numerous topics and genres. I have been equally comfortable delivering the keynote speech to an audience of CIOs (Chief Information Officer) of some of the largest Indian companies, as I have been in speaking to academicians, heading the top law schools in the country.

If you are looking at a speaker for an industry event, an in-house corporate event, or simply to share my perspective and motivate students, let’s speak!


And, as promised there is more. I feel I can create much more impact by enabling other people to share their thoughts, through speaking and writing. Consequently, in my capacity as Co-Founder of From The Experts’ Mouth, we provide an open platform for people to share their insights and experiences. The platform enables readers to consume the content and writers to avail of the publishing and editorial services, for free! This is our small way of giving back to society, by changing the narrative of the content landscape and enabling people to share and learn from each other in the most authentic manner. I am not a professional writing coach by any means, but some authors have looked up to my advice for shaping their writing.

If you want to share your thoughts on From The Experts Mouth, let’s write!

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