How to stay positive and productive in your war against Corona

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Stay Positive

“How to stay positive and productive in your war against Corona” is my first e-book and is available exclusively on Amazon. I had written an article on Things to do during the Lockdown, even before the  nation-wide lockdown was imposed in India. I intuitively felt that people would get swamped by negativity amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, it was mission critical to stay positive and I felt a strong urge to help people around me stay positive as well.

The encouraging feedback on the article and the LinkedIn post that started trending for #workfromhome was the final nudge I needed. I then took swift action and published the book, within the initial few days of the first lockdown being imposed in India. The reaction has been astounding, with a 4.8 rating on Amazon, 4 weeks into the release and gratitude to everyone who has helped spread the word in a bid to help us all stay positive. 

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About the Book

In our lifetime, we have not yet witnessed anything like the global Coronavirus pandemic. Currently, we are rightfully directing most of our attention on awareness, cure and prevention of the disease. 

How to stay positive and productive in your war against Corona by Rajiv MaheshwariSocial distancing is turning out to be one of the biggest levers in the hands of the individuals fighting this war against coronavirus. However, humans are social animals and are not used to such prolonged periods of isolation. The constant feed of negativity in the form of genuine and fake news about coronavirus, similar social media feeds and the pessimistic vibes all around only serve to compound the problem.

The present times can severely disrupt the social, mental, physical and emotional balance of the isolated and locked down individual. Commentators and experts opine that one should stay away from the negativity. We should not pay heed to rumours and avoid the consequent debilitating thoughts. However, the “availability effect” plays havoc. It sucks us into the vicious cycle of negativity, despite our best efforts.

However, every dark cloud has a silver lining.

This book intends to bring about a paradigm shift in the way individuals are approaching these tough times of lock-down and social distancing and isolation. Instead of focusing on avoiding negativity, can we turn the tables around. Can we focus on doing things that make us happy, while still being productive? The book helps you do precisely that through several practical tips to deal with the lock-down. It provides actionable advice, replete with examples, on things to do during the coronavirus lockdown.

The disease is impacting millions of people directly. However, the cascading social and emotional impact of the lockdown is afflicting billions of people on our planet. We must motivate ourselves to take charge of our lives and focus solely on controllable things.

Indeed, now is the time to act. Hope this book helps you unlock the puzzle by taking control of your locked down life in your hands!

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If you want to know what the other readers are saying about the book, do check out this video. I have compiled excerpts from some of the book reviews on Amazon. As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The beautiful readers have given this book a rating of 4.8 on Amazon, one month into the release.

The book is currently available only in e-book format and is eligible to be read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Remember, under the current circumstances, it is not just important to stay safe, but also to stay sane!

Stay Indoors – Stay Safe!

Stay Positive – Stay Sane!!

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