4 Reasons Why The Glass is Always Full

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Glass is always full
Half Full or Always Full?

We have always heard that the glass can either be half full or half empty – an age old adage to help develop optimism and a positive view by looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty !

This approach leads to a binary divide causing the human mind to create negative associations with the half empty glass. However, such diversionary tactics need not be deployed all the time.

A more pragmatic approach is to train the human mind to be more accepting and optimistic, thereby seizing the opportunities that the vicissitudes of life present us.

So, here are four reasons why the glass is always full (yes, that includes the much maligned “empty half”):

1. Full equals past – Empty equals future. You can change the latter !

The half full portion of the glass represents the past, since it has already been “filled” just like the story of life so far that has already been written.

More importantly, the empty portion of the glass represents the clean slate of the future that is waiting to be written with wonderful stories just as the empty portion of the glass is waiting to be filled.

2. Full and Empty are both states of matter. Neither is a Vacuum !

In physical terms, half of the glass is water and the other half is air. The manifestation of matter in either of the states – solid, liquid or gaseous – cannot undermine its existence.

The fact of the matter (pun intended) is that neither portion of the glass is a vacuum. The glass is indeed full!


3. Full equals water – Empty equals air. Both are essential for life !

In physical terms, half of the glass is water and the other half is air. The fact that both are critical and it is not even possible to exist or live without the absence of any one of these elements does not need further elaboration ! So why discriminate against the so-called “empty” glass that is “full” of a life support system?

4. Full is visual and Empty is not. Is the lack of visibility proof of non-existence?

Our minds are conditioned to believing what our eyes can see. Right?

This is probably one of the reasons why the human race has always wanted a visual attribute to everything that it wants people to believe in. To give a current example, this also explains the rise of Pinterest among all social media, primarily because of its visual appeal.

However, gaseous matter, despite lacking visibility, is as real as its more visual cousins, solids and liquids.

So how can we dismiss the existence of something that cannot be seen by our visual faculties? Have we all forgotten that sight is just one of our five senses!

What does our misconception about the glass tell us about ourselves?

Many such facts can be stated to demonstrate that the glass is always full. However, that is not the point.

The glass was and will always remain full.

It is upon each one of us to train our faculties to look beyond the obvious and broaden our horizons. Each time we challenge our age-old filters, perceptions and biases, we become wiser in our learning that it is not the imperfection of life and situations around us but our biases and beliefs that lead us to our misery.

Lets raise a toast to the glass that is always full and seize the opportunity!

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