Indian Legal Education Conclave 2017

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ILEC 2017 – Focus on Legal Education

The Indian Legal Education Conclave 2017 (ILEC) was organized by Careers360, a leading education hub,. The event was held recently on 31st March 2017 at New Delhi.

This was a wonderful initiative to bring together various stakeholders in the legal education fraternity on the same platform. The academia responded very positively, with most of the top law schools being represented by their top academicians.

Education in the Contemporary Context

I have developed some strong views over the last few years on education. In particular, I realize the importance of being an autodidact and of life long learning in today’s volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. The efforts have started bearing some fruit. One such example is recognition for our digital learning initiatives by the FT Innovative Lawyers Asia Pacific platform.

Stretching the Boundaries

However, there is a strong case for such initiatives to make a mainstream impact, stretching far beyond organizational and individual boundaries.

Rajiv Maheshwari at the Indian Legal Education Conclave

Consequently, I was excited at the prospect of sharing my views at the ILEC 2017 with Vice Chancellors, Directors and Deans of the topmost legal education institutes of the country attending the event.

Since most of the voices  at the event represented the academia, there was a greater burden on me to represent the corporate world.


Educate to Fix or Fix Education Itself ?

In my view, both corporates and higher education / academia need to look at things from the student’s perspective. There is no better place to get a ringside view of the education system than Sir Ken Robinson’s talk.

There is a lot more to discuss including the Information Revolution. This has altered the nature of how and what we learn as children during our primary education. This is not merely a case of a generation change from the childhood times of today’s parents – it is a tectonic shift. If one does not understand this fundamental difference, it is impossible to make meaningful changes.

All speakers raised few issues and shared valuable insights with the audience. I have only started to scratch the surface. I will try and capture the essence of the discussions in the form of a post shortly. However, here is a link to the live stream of the event, if you have a few minutes to spare

Hope you have an autodidactual day and do not let your schooling interfere with your lifelong journey of education!


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