Serial Funding – A Short and Tweet Story

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A Short and Tweet Story – Serial Funding

The world has changed dramatically in the recent past and the continuing pace of change is scorching, to say the least. The manner in which we express and absorb information is also not the same.

An event was organized recently by IIMnetWork on the broad theme of innovation and the audience consisted primarily of IIM alumni. I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion on “Sustainable Growth through Serial Funding and Challenges” at the this event on 12th July at Mumbai.

In keeping with the changing times that we are living through, here is a Short and Tweet account of the panel discussions !

The Panel Discussion – Serial Funding

The panel discussion focused on serial funding for high growth organizations. The issues and challenges were examined from the perspective of:

  • An Entrepreneur
  • An Investor
  • The Macro Environment and Funding Ecosystem

I was fortunate to have a panel that brought together an experience of being serial entrepreneurs, investing in high growth companies as also working on creating the right platform for supporting startups:

Short and Tweet - Serial Funding IIMnetWORK

  • Sanjay Nishank – Co-founder of GREX, a leading platform to solve the problems of start-up funding
  • Biswaroop Padhi – Co-founder of Square Global. He had the distinction of formulating and executing the largest national digital media campaign for the winning PM candidate, as part of the 2014 General Elections
  • Kunal Bajaj – CEO of Bombay Gas Telecom. He has been a consultant, entrepreneur and an investor. He was also a Director on the Board of One97 / Paytm.


Startup Funding and The Angel Investor

The investment climate (and the lack thereof) was discussed. The earlier keynote session by the CEO and MD of the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), Mr Ashishkumar Chauhan, set the investment tone. The Big Picture for angel investors is not all that big after all. Not too many angel investing or start-up investing platforms are prospering in India, unlike in the Silicon Valley.  

Startup Funding and The Entrepreneur

The discussion moved on to the Entrepreneur. The rapidly growing tribe and their motivation to start their venture varied a bit. However, the one thing that stands out is passion



Startup Funding and Valuations

The controversial topic of startup valuations was also discussed. The approach to valuing, or rather pricing, startup businesses is very different from the methodology for valuation of conventional businesses. The panel’s blunt verdict..  

Wrap-up with a Rapid-fire

The audience was really getting engaged in the discussions and it was time for a rapid-fire round with the questions thrown to the panel followed by the audience !



Rapid-fire : What Drives You?

The one rapid-fire question that got everyone hooked on….  


..drew interesting re-actions from the panel…



..and even more from the audience…




Not so short and tweet – more faces…

The short and tweet story is done. However, if you follow other social media, you will not lose face!

Here is a snapshot from the Facebook page of IIMnetWORK:

Also we just finished a panel discussion on serial funding which was moderated by Mr. Rajiv Maheswari, CEO, Anand and Anand. The panelists were:IIMnetWORK on Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sustainable Growth through Serial Funding

Up Next

Hope you enjoyed the Short and Tweet story of the panel discussion on Sustainable Growth through Serial Funding and Challenges.

The IIMnetWORK team led by Rakesh Kumar and Winny Patro is hosting the Bangalore and Gurgaon legs of the event over the next couple of weeks.

All the best to the team and to all who dare to dream and follow their passion. Good luck also to those who invest in these dreams !

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